Sunday, September 1, 2013

MOVH 2013 :)

If you follow vegan recipe blogs at all you're probably aware that September is Vegan MOFO (month of food) 2013. Readers of this blog may be expecting me to participate, largely because I told quite a few people "hey, I think I'm posting for MOFO this year!" I would have been more correct had I said "hey, I'm going to plan for MOFO this year" without the bit about actually executing said plans.

 I will be posting this month on vegan topics, but without any explicit connection to Vegan MOFO. Most of the posts I'm planning don't really fall into the category "food". Consider the next few weeks the "month of vegan history". (MOVH?) We'll begin in the next post where I'll ruminate on whether ANY of the history I'll be discussing can be correctly termed "vegan history".

I sure hope I can convince myself that it can, otherwise my name for the week is completely inaccurate.

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