Saturday, March 23, 2013

Retro Review: A Vegetarian in the Family

A Vegetarian in the Family
by Janet Hunt
96 page mass market paperback

This slim volume is more a book of ideas to get a fledgling cook started than one meant to be referred to time and again. Although it does contain full-fledged recipes with ingredient lists and quantities, a fair number of recipes are are bare bones. In  'Nut Milk' on page 16 for example, the reader is directed to whisk ground nuts (as in 'ground with a grinder', not 'peanuts') into fruit juice. No quantities are given. Suggestions for tasty nut/juice combinations are made but no other guidance is offered.
A handful of recipes require 'soya meat'. Agar is used in one recipe. TVP is mentioned in passing (but never actually called for). For these specialty ingredients the reader is referred to their local health food store. The majority of the ingredients used would have been widely available from everyday grocers (even in 1977!)
This is a British cookbook. I have an American edition which was apparently printed simultaneously with the UK edition. There are at least two revisions with increased page counts and a name change from 'A Vegetarian ...' to 'The Vegetarian ...' I'll be posting an updated recipe or two from the book some time in the future after I have a chance to try some out.


Compiled from used book lists and Google book searches. Other than the book I purchased I have never seen any of these titles.

Animal friendly meals for all seasons 1998
365 plus one vegetarian puddings, cakes & biscuits: 1994
The vegetarian in the family 1994
365 + 1 vegetarian starters, snacks and savouries 1992
Green Cook's Encyclopedia 1991
Celebrity Vegetarian Cook Book 1988
Fast and easy vegetarian cooking 1987,1989
365 + 1 vegetarian main meals 1987
Thorsons guide to the very best of vegetarian cooking 1987
The caring cook 1987
The vegetarian lunchbox 1986
The compassionate gourmet 1986
Vegetarian Pâtés & Dips 1986
The holistic cook 1986
The very best of vegetarian cooking 1984,1991
Vegetarian snacks and starters 1984
Natural Sweets 1984
The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook 1983,1987
Vegetarian dinner parties 1983
Italian dishes 1983
Pasta dishes 1982,1987
Pizzas and pancakes 1982
Quiches and flans 1982
Simple and speedy wholefood cooking 1982
The wholefood sweets book 1981
The wholefood lunch box 1979,1983
The raw food way to health 1978
A vegetarian in the family 1977,1984

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